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ABE Cotton delivers cotton products for more than 25 years and Abe Cotton is still growing organization that is managed by three well respected and highly experienced managers from Turkey and Holland with a combined experience of over 75 years in bleaching, processing and controlling cotton and cotton wool products. Abe Cotton has partnership with Dutch company BCI which is experienced and respected in cotton market.


We want to become the main player in the World, in ultra high quality cotton, both in safety and in processability. For this reason we are continuously investing in facilities, equipment and in our people and systems in order to be able to supply a constant ultra high quality bleached cotton. Because our main goal is to grow steadily but in a controlled manner, we have a very high customer satisfaction level. Our main goal is to continue or even improve that satisfaction level for our customers.


With ongoing developments, we are also continuing to increase our presence with emerging cotton markets.

Key factors that makes us unique





  • The amount of years of experience and our combined know-how 

  • We have insight in process from growing to bleaching and processing cotton

  • We know what to buy and how to bleach with specific chemicals to get the best processing result and a perfect finished product.

  • Strong expertise at understanding customer needs and delivering the specific product with best quality

  • We have world wide footprint with our cotton in many countries, which gives us broader understanding of our clients in different countries.

  • All the used chemicals comply with GOTS and Oekotex criteria. We are 100% ReACH compliant.

  • We care about Enviromental sustainability and we always invest in our facility to realize better solutions for the enviroment we share together. We have also a very high grade of ethical compliance, complying with BSCI and ILO criteria.

  • We encourage customers to use our 100% organic products, but also the non organic products are processed in a sustainable mannar, using the same chemicals and processes that we use for organic production.

Quality Policy

Under Quality supervision of the head office, using a computer based quality management system based on:


• ISO 9001

• ISO 14001

• BRC Consumer Products (Cosmetic)

• FDA Medical Devices (21 CFR 820 QS).

• GOTS 5

Our Quality Management team ensures compliance in our factories. All our products are produced under supervision and Quality Control by our Quality Management team. Abe Cotton is certified by ISO 9001 and GOTS 5.0

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